Monday, May 11, 2009

48 Hour Film Comp

The annual V 48 hour film competition took place over the weekend. Tim and myself joined forces with Norwegian superstars, Bendik, Maria and Jesper on a weekend that saw blood, sweat and tears. We were to make a film that included a 'big-twist', a character, 'Alex Puddle', who was an exaggerator, a rock and a line of dialogue, "it doesn't fit". Despite our film coming in 2 minutes late, we were/are super stoked on the final product and not one adjective can begin to explain the weekend itself.
Ladies and gentlemen, "Dave"...

Conceptual and Thematic, pt.1

Ok, so it has been some time since the the class presentations and there were a few points Tim and I pointed out that for some reason or another have not been included in our blog as of yet. So unless you are a teacher of visual music/screen dance you may want to follow this link and read no more.
Through our visual music piece, we endeavor to portray a varied mood through the juxtaposition of a still city scape that has been bought to life through the growing vines and band members which have been graffitied onto the otherwise lifeless infrastructure. Colour will also help us achieve this, as we mentioned the tonal differences in green that we researched. Green providing the life on top of the gloomy, grey and emotionless buildings. Personification aside, this remains only as our desired product.

We mentioned in our presentation that we intended to shoot in Auckland, and doing so in one continuous shot. Since then however, we have come to reality that considering our equipment and crew, this would most likely leave us with a half-ass shot that's both wobbly and boring. We're now story-boarding an alternative approach that involves creating a whole cityscape in After Effects, (and all the best to you Tim). It's actually not as difficult as it sounds. We basically go out and find a bunch of interesting buildings, homes, hotels, walls, water tanks etc. set up a wide shot and take a few seconds of each. I'm not going to give it all away just yet but there's an indication of what to expect.

PS: I love turtles

Pics from first shoot

Back to the Blog

Hello all.
Sorry about the slack updates or 'pas de update!' (excuse my French).
Tim and I have been doing quite a bit on the video lately, despite the growing cobwebs on this forum of ours.
On the weekend of the 2nd of May, we packed up the car with old faithful Panasonic HD and light kit, (always so happily donated by lively team at ITS) and Tim's green screen which he bought on a Trans-Atlantic green screen expedition. We shot most of Saturday in my basement, with one Turkish lunch excursion and interruptions both by Luca, my dog and Susan, my Mum who bought us cheddar-mite scrolls from bakers Delight.
The shoot itself was remarkably entertaining. Watching fellow band members doing air-guitar in front of an over-size green bed sheet. We mostly shot wide so to allow zooming options in post, although we did mix it up a bit with some CUs of hands and strumming, drumming and run run running. I took along my $1 Ricoh 35mm to take some stills, i'll upload some pics for your viewing pleasure.

-more posts to come-

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Brief Outline of Music Video

In this assignment we intend to create a three and a half minute music video that employs elements and techniques under the study of visual music and screen dance.
The video will explore an array of concepts such as kinesthesis, visual poetry and the relationship between abstract visual music and music video.
We will achieve a visual music piece through the plug-in sound keys made by trap code, which will enable us to link the visual with the audio. The aspects of screen dance will be produced through the kinesthesis of ‘rhythmic vines’ and graffiti band members, constructed by the use of green-screen and time spent on After Effects in post production.
Cinematographically wise, the video will stretch off one well-planned continuous shot (3mins 30), amidst aged-infrastructure, which is yet to be scouted. Brick walls, worn footpaths and typical street paraphernalia will provide a canvas to the digitally constructed graffiti that provides the salient motif to the piece.
The narrative of the music video will work alongside the lyrics of the song in which the main idea is about moving on and growing apart. This will be shown both metaphorically through the growing of the vines and also through the flow and tracking of the camera.